Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Registration Number not valid?
Your Jeep's registration plate number won't be valid until two weeks after the car was first registered.

How do I apply and remove the sticker on my Jeep?
For best result, clean and wet the selected area before applying the vinyl sticker. In order to apply the sticker you must remove the backing sheet first. Only apply between temperature range 10- 45 Degrees Centigrade.

When you want to remove it, carefully peel off the sticker by hand without the use of any sharp instruments.

What type of material is the sticker made from?
The sticker is printed on to LG VIZUON™ LP2842G which is a white removable vinyl.

Is the sticker waterproof?
Yes it is, the sticker is suitable for both internal and exterior applications.

How do I clean the sticker when applied to a vehicle?
Hand washing with soapy water is the preferred cleaning method to avoid damaging the product.

Why can’t I change the background colour of the sticker?
The sticker will be printed with a transparent background, the grey background is only for viewing purposes.

How many free stickers can I order?
One per Jeep vehicle registration.

Why have I been charged for my sticker?
Your first sticker is completely free and additional stickers cost £5.95 each, so please check if you have selected more than one.

What is the delivery charge?
There is no delivery charge on any amount of stickers.

When will I receive my sticker?
You should receive the stickers within 28 days.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional information.